How to Create an SFX Bundle

The first step in creating a sound effects bundle is defining its concept. This will help you set your creative limits.

Posted on December 16th 2021

The first step in creating a sound effects bundle is defining its concept. This will help you set your creative limits. Once you have a concept for your library, you can start recording. The next step is the quality control stage. At this stage, you can be sure that the sounds are clean and error-free. You can choose between stereo mix and mono mix. For the latter, you can go with a stereo mix or a surround sound mix.

The second step is to extract the sounds you recorded. At this stage, you listen to the sounds you have selected and extract for your bundle. You can then switch between databases and even save to multiple categories for use in different projects. In addition, if you are new to field recording and not sure about which equipment to use, you can check out the article we wrote on this subject and learn how to step into the world of field recording.

How to Create an SFX Bundle

When creating a sound effects bundle, it is very important to decide which concept to go with. Once you have decided, you have to choose whether to do it on the computer or record it in the field. If you are going to record in the field, which equipment, microphones you will use, in which weather conditions and where you will record may vary depending on your concept. If you are going to record in the studio, you may need to do a detailed study about what equipment you will use and what you need.

If you decide to field recording, be sure to record as many sounds as possible. This will ensure that you have a larger selection during the editing phase. You can also mix and match recordings of the same type. In addition, keep in mind that variations can be very similar - just keep the files short. As long as the filename is uniform and the recording is clean, capturing as many sounds as possible will make the process easier.

A solid concept can help you stand out from the crowd. It can also provide a creative boundary to your sound effects bundle. For example, you can choose to record something interesting like birds in the forest. Other examples could include real-life sounds and party sounds. The concept of the bundle will also guide you in determining how many sounds you'd like to use. Then, you can decide how many subfolders you'd like to use.

When making a sound effects bundle, it can be helpful to use sound effects library software. In addition, most sound effect library software also allows you to store and manage metadata. In Vadi Sound Library, you can directly drag and drop sound files to the app, save them to local or cloud, and even edit sounds. You can also check our bundles through our library for inspiration.