Haunted House Sound Effects Bundle

$ 19,00

Haunted House Sound Effects Bundle brings complete spooky environmental sound effects and raw materials to your house! The Haunted House Sound Effects Bundle includes these sound effects; mud impact, tv white noise, electricity, door slams, dark atmosphere sounds, creepy forest ambiences, footsteps, spooky wind, demonic entity, ghost vox, and creaking sound effects! It’s Halloween, you should stay away from estate agents trying to sell you spooky houses for low prices!

With Haunted House Sound Effects Bundle you have access to door sound effects, horror sound effects, wind sound effects, and designed sound effects that you need for your project. Our Haunted House Sound Effects Bundle will help you to create a dark and ominous atmosphere for your project. It’s the Spooky Season avoid strangers and eerie looking houses!

FormatWAV – 24bit – 96kHz
Size520 MB



All sounds with optimized loudness standards and preset formats are typically available in 24bit / 96kHz. WAV files. Vadi Sound has a rich cloud sound effects library with 30.000+ sounds and it updates each month with 1.000+ free trending sound effects. We have well-experienced professionals such as; sound designers who create digital sound effects, and field recordists who record ambient voices and organic sounds like forests, birds, winds, and so on. You can check our libraries, bundles and plans that suit you through our website.
Logic Pro X
Ableton Live
Pro Tools
Media Composer
Vegas Pro
Premiere Pro
Final Cut Pro X
After Effects


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