Co-founded by Field Recordists Aslı Yalçın and Enis Çakar, we are an Istanbul-based audio-tech company with a Foley studio.

Since 2016, we are obsessed with pristine field recording and committed to recording the world’s most progressive sound effects library.

We were just recording sounds of nature, the rivers, the forest and the valley (“vadi”) to spice up our music. Then we realised this is an art and all we want to do and founded a boutique sound effects studio in Istanbul.

It’s been 4 years, 45.000 sounds, 75+ collections, 50 Vadi Talks/blogs and tens of exclusive projects of hard fine work.

We are still obsessed with pristine field recording & creating progressive sound effects. In our vision, sound effects are not just effects, but a way to express yourself, to move others. Leading characters and not just extras you frantically search at the very end of a project! 

We are advocates of women /diverse voices in audio. We donate 2% of our profits to peoples / animals in need.

They say if you build it, they will come. Here we are, finding the true sound of it.