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All You Need To Know About Animal Sound Effects

Creating the sound of animals is not an easy task. While most animals can be trained to make the sounds you want, recording them can be difficult and frustrating

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How to Make Good Use of Sound Effects in Your Production

If you're working on a film or TV project, sound effects can play a vital role in the storytelling process.

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Tips for Using Game Sound Effects in Your Videos

In the early 2000s, people spent about 60 billion dollars on video games and played 11 billion hours. These numbers show that the video game industry is huge.

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Medieval Life and All The Sound Effects You Could Ever Need

During the Middle Ages, most people lived in the countryside. The lord had a large house, and the people living in it were peasants

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What is a Foley Studio and How to Make Foley Sound Effects?

The Foley studio is a specialized recording studio that produces sound effects from everyday objects. Some sounds are very complicated, while others are simple and eas...

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Creating Robot Movies With The Right Robot Sound Effects

Today, robot production has accelerated and the imagined future is no longer so far away. You've all seen the robot videos shared on social media.

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Everything About Horror Sound Effects

The first movie sound effects used in horror movies were creepy noises, such as creaks and cracks. Technicians began using these sounds in the early days of cinema, an...

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Medieval Sound Effects

If you're reenacting a time period that is centuries past, you'll need medieval sound effects. While you're in search of the perfect background ambiance, a medieval er...

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