Bringing you the inhuman sound effects that will terrify your audience. 351 sounds of dark ambience effects, creatures, gore and transition sound effects. Meet the horrendous monsters in attack or just idle and agitated! Hear the witches and otherworldly creatures laugh and chant!

Create a dark and ominous atmosphere with creepy creatures’ designed sound effects. Induce fear and uneasiness, horror and terror!

Stand out with your sci-fi, horror and thriller projects with 351 fresh sound effects. And the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail!

These sounds are available in 24-bit/96kHz, recorded and designed delicately so that you have the right tone for your related projects and room for further sound design with the flexible texture of the sounds.


Ambience Game Gaming Video Film Monster Humanoid Goblin Zombie Vocal Shouting Mischievous Laugh Hungry Frustrated Bored Disappointed Exhausted Crying Dramatic Attack Angry Short Medium Long Agitated Aggressive Breathing Shouting Power Idle Giant Grunt Growl Lurking Aquatic Creature Moaning Hissing Steady Haunted Eerie Drone Texture Sci-fi Horror Thriller Fear Mysterious Dark Bright Tension Otherworldly Hum Alert Tense Alarm Creepy Spooky.


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