Ambience from Istanbul captures the essence of busy crowded Istanbul life. Grand Bazaar, ferry, shopping mall, streets, city perspectives, street musicians, garage and mosque sounds in 50+ 24bit/96kHz .WAV sounds and easy to navigate naming.

With Ambience from Istanbul SFX Pack, you can meet every need from game/film to animation projects. Plus, you get the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail.

We captured a wide array of ambiences so that you can easily adapt them to your other location needs. The length of the files is long so that you can meet your ambience needs with just a few of them. The locations are interior and exterior.

Keywords including locations, ambiences, mood.

Istanbul city town ambience soundscape industrial workshop garage room tone door tv radio show prayer mosque children shopping mall urban car traffic perspective ferry grand bazaar bus talking street musician Turkey Turkish.


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