Check out Vadi Sound Library’s amazing collection of cowbell and sheep bell sounds! Recorded in our studio, these bells come in various sizes, and you’ll even find some cool, rusty ones. Listen to them ding, ring, and get handled from different angles with top-notch mic techniques.

Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.

Bells Galore!

This set includes 107 top-quality files, clear and powerful, featuring just about every cowbell and sheep bell sound you can think of. What’s handy about these sounds is their crystal-clear quality and variety. They’re good for both real-life settings and sound design, offering richness, and atmosphere.

Expect to hear bells ringing fast, medium, slow, being handled, all in different lengths and distances – close, medium, and far. The names are easy to figure out, and they’re UCS compatible. All recorded in crisp 24bit-96kHz.WAV format using our best gear: Sennheiser MKH 8040, DPA 4060, and Zoom F3, in both A/B and ORTF settings.


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