129 out of the top-drawer sound effects. Give a unique character to every drawer you can think of with this fresh Drawers SFX Pack. Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.

About Drawers

This go-to SFX Packhas 298 organic drawer sounds that a busy sound designer needs for their projects. These are drawers at their most expressive!

It gives you access to 129 sounds ofdistinctive characterranging from domestic to antique wooden, metal, plastic drawers of the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and more. These meticulously recorded natural sounds have clarity and lots of room for further usage and sound design with the flexible texture of the sounds for further manipulation.

You will get a selection of Foley action such as opening, closing, slamming, sliding (with/without roller/ stopper), squeaking and cracking with different perspectives and intensities. 298 fresh andpristine sounds are in in stereo 24bit/96 KHz Wav formatwith detailed, easy to navigate naming and UCS compliance.

You will have opening and closing of empty or full drawers in various speeds, reverberation, and impact. Handle sounds, locking & unlocking clicks, turning keys, wonderful creaks and squeaks, slamming, rattle, and sliding in an average of 3 variations. There’s a suitable sound for every scene; in different speed, intensity, style and material of the drawer (large, medium, wooden, thick, thin, metal, plastic, and more). Level of action reflects quiet or regular, fast, soft or hard, rhythmichesitant and tense and even creepy at times!

You will have wonderful timbres in close, medium, and distant perspectives with the minimum noise level. These everyday drawers are perfect for Foley, game, film, tv, videos as well as music and advertisement. You will easily notice our favorites, the highly reverberated antique drawer sounds!

There are also some bonuses washing machine and refrigerator drawers sounds inside. All 298 sounds were recorded organically. They are compatible with all DAWs, middleware, and video editing tools and royalty-free.

Tell us if you enjoy them as much as we did whilst recording!

Keywords including Room, Material, Activity, Style

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