Mechanicals Sound Effects Pack has 600+ sound effects of, bike mechanics, typewriter sound effects, analog camera sounds, clock engines, guns, printer sound effects, lighter sound effects and many more mechanical sounds of different objects and tools. You will have access to mechanics sounds, tools sound effects, Foley sound effects, and equipment sound effects that you may need for all your projects. Plus, you get the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail!

The sounds are organic and raw and have room for further sound manipulation with the flexible texture of the sounds, including rich Foley.

Keywords including Actions, Parts, Equipment and Style

Mechanicals wrench crunch turn adjustable fix knob film camera sew machine handle timer button bicycle wheel impact iron stick bell brake hold release hand switch click gear crackle pedal trigger engine work flash-light boat bike air gas chain needle clock tire car fire container lid tick tock box drill gun tuft rug electric grinder trimmer Kamenzer lathe lever tape measure band slide metal cash box lock unlock open close harsh texture meter measurement scale mouse movement music-box printer pipe household latch scissors toy spin dryer telephone dial robot typewriter body ruler repeat vacuum cleaner ventilator scale weight walnut-cracker zipper.


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