Analog and Digital Cameras Ultimate Bundle gives you access to 1.000+ communication, digital, mechanical and equipment sound effects that you need for your related projects and room for further sound design with the flexible texture of the sounds for customization.

This is a unique bundle that has sounds of Minolta XG9, Lubitel 2, Horizon 202, Mamiya 645J, and many more camera sounds in 500 sound files in 24bit/192 KHz Wav format with easy to navigate naming. It is a thoroughly researched collection of very high-resolution sound effects, recorded over a 4 month period, in collaboration with professional photographers specialized in both vintage and modern cameras.

36 wonderful cameras and accessories were meticulously recorded with a very low noise floor, resulting in 1000+ pristine sounds of camera, shutter and related sound effects. There are recordings of different shutter speeds, shutter release lever, attaching and detaching lenses, battery chamber, flashlights charging and loading sounds, camera click button, diaphragm ring and more! We paid attention to include different speeds and variations of each action.

36 Cameras and Their Accessories Inside

Nikon SB900, Godox, Nikon Speedlight, Rhymelight, Sigma 35 mm, Sony A7M3, Canon 6D Mark II, Canon A1, Canon AE1 Program, Canon EOS 5d Mark IV, Diana F+, FisherPrice Toy Camera, Fujifilm Instant Camera, Fujifilm X-Pro 2, Horizon 202, Kodak EK 160-EF, Lubitel 2, Mamiya 645J, Minolta Hi-Matic G, Minolta XD11, Minolta XG9, Nikon F4, Nikon F75, Nikon L35AF, Olympus Stylus, Olympus Zoom Dix, Pentax PC55, Pocket Camera C-T1, Snap Sights Underwater Camera, Sony A6500, Sony A7 M3, Sony DCR HC 96, Vivitar EZ250, Yashica Mini, Zenit 122, Zenit E, Zorki 4K.

Keywords including Actions, Parts, Equipment and Style

Shutter, camera, analog, digital, battery, case, zoom, auto focus, ring movement, flash, mechanics, electronics, grabbing, leather, metal, photography, digital, analog, manual, video, flash bulb, latching, speed, button, punch, release, crank, motor, grinding, lens, squeak, handling, lens, click, pop, loading, triggering, assembling, para-soley, compensation, switch, mode, rumbling, sun-shade, Diaphragm Ring, turning, Viewfinder, Display, Lever, timer, picture, bleep, film, winding, rewinding, flashlight, light, attaching, detaching, power on and power off, UV filter, sliding, aperture, take-up spool, shot, loading, inserting, spinning, charging, malfunctioning, hitting, knob, MAS, auto-setting, exposure, selecting, short, long, repetitive, multiple, quiet, subtle, game, film, video, movie, Foley.


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