With this collection you will have access to a carefully curated collection of Medieval WarfareMedieval Town, and Green Witch’s Cauldron sound effects. It covers your most essential historical needs with 1.200+ sounds, recorded and designed professionally.

You can find rope stressing sounds, listen to the rain on a beach from a bush perspective, bottle up potions, and hear a soldier as he gets ready for a battle. Listen to barn animals, horses, weapons and tools; town ambiences, mine, blacksmith, tavern, field, church bells; dried seeds and herbs, defensive spells and transfiguration spells. Go ahead and check out the contents of these three different collections included in the Ultimate Medieval SFX Bundle one by one and start imagining a story already!

You’ll find yourself first on a brutal battlefield, then come back to the busy town a little. Don’t be afraid to ask for some healing magic from the Green Witch! Travel back to the Middle Ages and take Ultimate Medieval SFX Bundle with you!

These sounds are available in 24bit/96kHz, were recorded delicately with DPA 4060s and Neumann KM184 pairs, have clarity and room for further sound design with the flexible texture of the sounds for customization.

About Medieval Town

SFX Pack 400+ sound effects from a simple town’s parts such as; barn, field, grassland, tavern, blacksmith, carpenter, library, church, graveyard, mine, and many more a medieval town could offer. With the Medieval Town Sound Effects Bundle you will have access to dressage sounds, kitchenware sounds, church bells, town ambiences, medieval mechanical devices, mining sounds, animals, tools, weapons and more. Medieval Town Sound Effects Bundle was recorded and designed delicately for all your historical needs.

About Medieval Warfare

SFX Pack Medieval Warfare Sound Effects Pack brings the most realistic 350+ medieval sound effects that you may need for your game/film/creative projects. It includes sound effects of; warriors, explosions, barn animals, horse sound effects, medieval life sound effects, weapons, and tools, human voices, and many more to find out.

Green Witch’s Cauldron

SFX Pack Green Witch’s Cauldron brings you the 450+ sounds of healing white magic and spells of a playful and sometimes wicked witch. It includes collecting and drying herbs, bubbling boiling potions, bottling, casting spells with elemental magic, and many more you can find in a cauldron. With this pack, you will have access to cat sounds, witch reactions, dried seeds, dried herbs, defensive spells, attacks, transfiguration spells, whooshes and transitions and elements.


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