Featuring 52 high-quality drone sound effects that paint a range of atmospheres from dark, futuristic, dystopian of industrial & cyberpunk to natural, shimmery and magical.

These designed soundscapes will serve as ideal background tracks for sci-fi games and films as well as ambient textures for music.

You will get drone and texture soundscapes with spine-chilling alarms, unstable booms and beeps besides a calm and dreamy nature portraits and angelic and ethereal worlds. Think eerie spaceships, hangars, desolate lands, lava caves, nuclear power plants, and also serene gardens, and far away temples and dreamy forests.

This is the toolkit to create the perfect cyberpunk, eerie or magical cinematic atmospheres, with or without being in the foreground. Most of sounds are loopable.

Recorded in 24bit/96 kHz .wav, comes with intuitive naming and thorough metadata. Compatible with all DAWs, middleware, video editing tools and 100% royalty-free.

Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.


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