Essential Magic sound effects bring you the designed sounds of powerful magic. Partly futuristic and extremely grandiose, these sound effects have substance and the right texture to give you unbeatable offensive and defensive magic!

The texture of the sounds is realistic and flexible for customization. 231 sounds will boost anger, terror, power, even healing, rage and evoke absolute fear!

You will get hold of the dark side of essential 4 elements of fire, water, earth, air as well as electricity, cyber-magic, magicka, hits, buffing, whooshes, squeaks, sparkling, explosions, bubbles, chimes and more including selective green magic sounds.

Great for film, video, game, advertisements and suitable as sweeteners outside of the magic genre as well.

Here’s a studio-grade pack for all your impact projects and games with the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail.

Keywords, Mood and Style, Elements, Performances

Magic, Magician, Texture, Transition, Pass by, Element, Aura, Angelic, Projectile, Fast, Airy, Water, Earth, Fire Channeling, Whoosh, Force, Energy, Ball, Bursting, Burning, Small Pieces, Sizzling, Crackle, Crystal, Force, Defensive, Protection, Spell, Shield, Fireball, Destructive, Blast, Breaking, Stone, Distorted, Dusty, Sprinkle, Summoning, Evil, Healing, Glittery, Vocal, Buff, Ethereal, Hit, Green Magic, Wild fire, Fireball, Room, Cyber magic, Electricity, Surreal, Zap, Loose, Dark, Bass, Underwater, Creature, Water bending, Chime, Electric, Flame, Liquid, Metal, Rising, Aura, Black, Game, Film, Supernatural


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