It calls out to you from the depths of war! This pack contains male radio communication sounds that is suitable for military settings in your projects. To make the most organic texture possible, we present you sounds that were recorded in high definition 24bit/96KHz with a real walkie talkie.

This is a collection of 120 Military Radio Chatter Male Voices and radio signals with many different scenarios and typical military phrases and commands spoken through various walkie talkies and radios as well as interference and static.

This intelligence collection, with the most common intercepted communications captures a volume of communication, to or from field to the base unit about raid, action, suspect, suspected parties such as terrorists or spies, determining their next move and whether there is cause for alarm. These range from a steady flow of encrypted communications to interrupted communication and strict alarms and crisis phrases – with background radio signals.

The voice actor’s tone is confident and energetic so easy to integrate to meet your needs for any war or sci-fi game projects and films that you are working on.


Military, radio, chatter, war, communication, comms, roger, copy, status delta, alpha, soldier, action, operation, male voice, enemy, move, bravo, left, right, copy, fire, message, omega, encryption, intelligence, crisis, sci-fi, transmission, answer, messsage, received, target, mission, standby, contact, destroyed, affirmative, danger, ready, alert.


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