We present you high quality radio chatter sounds that are emitted from the darkest depths of space. In this creative SFX pack, you will have both female and male vocal phrases including alerts, warnings, communications between vessels and also inside the ship, flight requests, asking for help, notifying stations, human radio chatters, spaceship announcements and many more sounds.

This is a collection of 348 Spaceship Radio Chatter male and female voices and radio signals with many different scenarios and typical spaceship radio phrases and commands. The voice actors’ tone is confident and energetic.

Spaceship Radio Chatter Sound Effects Bundle was recorded and designed delicately for all your scifi project needs especially game and film. To make the most organic texture possible, we recorded in 24bit/96KHz. The texture of the sounds are realistic and flexible for customization and the file naming is detailed.

Examples of Phrases and Commands In The Sound Files

Life Support System Failure

All Remaining Power To Forward Shields

Captain,You’ve Been Requested On The Bridge

Anomally Detected

Prepare Shuttles For Evacuation

Warning,Hull Breach Detected

Additional Keywords

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