3 shades of Anime in 395 sounds. Our three bestseller Anime packs are bundled here in the Ultimate Anime Bundle for you to set the bar higher for new projects! Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.

What’s Inside Ultimate Anime Bundle

Anime Vol.1 brings every classic Anime sound to your local sound library. Laser beams to cartoony bird calls, upwelling whistles to stuttering magic spells in 105 24bit/96khz WAV files.

Inspired by classic Japanese Anime, it gives you access to transitions, animals, arcade whooshes, fight, magic, cartoony, water, whistle sound effects and lots of room for further sound design with the flexible texture.

Anime Vol.2 includes a wide range of emotions and motion to spells, fight and weapons in 120 24bit/96khz WAV files.

Inspired again by classic Japanese Anime, it gives you access to emotion, action, comedy, magic and lots of fighting, weapons, robot, old school sounds and transitions.

Space Anime takes you on a journey across the sky. From interstellar space cowboys to cosmic motion and emotion, this is a collection of 170 sounds for high-art projects.

There are more fantastic and psychological elements with a wide range of weapon, fight, robot, magic, transition, motion, as well as emotion, comedic and old school sounds.

All 395 sound effects in the Ultimate Anime Bundle are available in 24-bit / 96kHz with intuitive naming. These were designed delicately so that you have the right tone for your related projects and room for further sound manipulation. We paid attention to richness of layers using powerful organic sounds and many synthesizers. And the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail is inside!

A thorough preliminary research was carried out to capture the core of Anime world, with the help of Anime fans and art collectors. All sounds are 100% royalty-free and compatible with all DAWs, middleware and video editing software.


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