60+ stereo sounds of; alerts, arcade, drone, laser bass multilayer transitions, musical abstract chord shots, electronic and heavy alert reaction vocoders and more.

Streamer UI SFX Pack brings notifications and reactions sound effects that you need for many projects. Arcade notification, stream, alerts and much more to create a perfect ambience for your video games, animation projects and much more.

They come in abstract, multilayer, heavy, vocal, musical, long, short forms.

These meticulously designed sounds have clarity and room for further sound design with the flexible texture for manipulation. And you get the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail!

Keywords including Actions, Parts, Equipment and Style

Twitch, User interface, UI, computer, PC, laptop, alerts, arcade, drone, laser, bass, multilayer, transitions, musical, abstract, chord, shots, electronic, heavy, alert, reaction vocoder, notification, stream, long, loop, subscription, bit, coin, donate, follower, host-raid, arcade.


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