Level up your loot and rummage games with these 581 fresh sounds! Enhance your animations with our selection of wood, metal, plastic and cloth sounds and more.

What’s Inside

Is your character looting from a monster they defeated? Or are you picking up wood pieces and stones for your survival? Will you have to rummage through luggage, bags and boxes left behind to solve that particular puzzle? Then you will need distinct sound effects for each of these scenarios. You’re covered with Vadi Sound’s Loot and Rummage SFX Pack of 191 files and 581 sounds.

Recorded with care, this pack is created with the video game developers in mind. We recorded every loot and rummage item we could think of including empty bullet shells, wallets, paper bills, plastic cases, coins, jackets, luggages, casettes, wrenches, even rock candies and more to help you create your signature sounds. All sounds are also included individually as stems in a bonus folder so you can drag&drop them to your project to speed up your workflow.

Loot and Rummage Pack includes 30 designed abstract looting sounds to cover the needs of more genres.

Up your game with these 191 stereo sound files, 581 sounds in 96kHz – 24 bit format, 13 minutes duration, and easy to navigate metadata. 100% royalty-free and compatible with all DAWs, middleware and video editing software.

Find the sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.


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