What’s cooking? Spice up your kitchen scenes with a broadened collection of “Kitchen Foley”. Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.

About Kitchen Foley

750 sounds in 280 SFX files that capture pretty much every action in the kitchenYou will get an average of three variations of each sound in different proximity, angle, and style of action.

What makes this collection handy is the clarity and diversity of the sounds. From short daily cooking preparation to complex actions with electric appliances, these meticulously recorded sounds have both practical usability and room for further sound design.

The sounds are broadly grouped as food & drink, cooking, packaging, household, appliances, glassware, tableware, ingredients, water, and general household objects that are frequently used in the kitchen.

You will get the intuitive, detailed naming and the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail in 750

pristine stereo sounds. 1.65 GB in size, recorded in 24bit-96kHz .WAV format on our favorite Sennheiser MKH 8040 stereo pair.

What’s Inside

Kitchen, Foley, Food, Drink, Appliances, Cooking, Preparation, Vegetable, Fruit, Spice, Slicing, Chopping, Peeling, Boiling, Grilling, Packaging, Cutting, Household, Appliances, Eating, Drinking, Baking, Glassware, Tableware, Ingredient, Air Fryer, Kettle, Dish Washer, Blender, Coffee Maker, Mixer, Toaster, Cooker, Oven, Fridge, Microwave, Packaging, Glass, Plastic, Metal, Cardboard, Container, Carton, Bag, Water, Game, Film, Arts, Video


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