Give a unique character to every door with these fresh doors. Make an entrance with your projects with Everyday Doors. Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.

About Everyday Doors

This go-to SFX Packhas got hundreds of organic door sounds that a busy sound designer frequently needs in their projects. These are doors at their most expressive!

It gives you access to 752 sounds of doors, gates, and their furnishings with their distinctive characterranging from domestic wooden doors to palaces, pubs, studios and garden gates to stone houses and antique wardrobes and closets. These meticulously recorded natural sounds have clarity and lots of room for further usage and sound design with the flexible texture of the sounds for further manipulation.

This is a fresh and unique pack that combines many practical themes in one collection. You will get a big and immersive selection of gardens, palaces, houses, apartments, domestic rooms, studios, pubs, bars, and more, in interior and exterior, with close, medium and distant perspectives and behind the doors268 fresh andpristine sound files – in stereo 24bit/96 KHz Wav formatwith detailed, easy to navigate naming and UCS compliance.

You will have opening and closing of doors in various speeds, reverberation and impact, chain, latch, door lid, hinge and handle sounds, knocks on doors with nails, fist, keys and palm, locking & unlocking clicks, turning keys, slide locks, door knobs and wonderful creaks, slamming, pounding, rattle, squeak, thuds and sliding doors in many forms with multiple variations. There’s a suitable sound for every scene; in different speed, intensity, size and material of the door (large, medium, wooden, solid, thick, thin, with or without glass, oak, alder, hollow, metal, plastic, PVC, glass and more). Level of action reflects quiet or regular, fast, soft, or hard, rhythmic, or hesitant and tense and even creepy at times!

You will have wonderful timbres of solid doors with the minimum noise level. These everyday doors are perfect for Foley, game, film, tv, videos as well as music and advertisement. You will easily notice our favorites; some antique door sounds that are perfect for fantasy and medieval games.

There are also some bonus window and door bell sounds inside. All 752 sounds were recorded organically and no designed sounds are included.

Tell us if you enjoy them as much as we did whilst recording!

Keywords including Room, Material, Activity, Style

Door, wooden, plastic, PVC, alder, antique, solid wood, solid core, hollow, industrial, interior, exterior, modern, domestic, village, house, apartment, office, bar, pub, cafeteria, palace, metal, garden, hinge, knock, click, handle, chain, lever, knob, plate, lockset, frame, room, shut, opening, closing, banging, lid, locking, unlocking, hitting, enter, exit, key, slide, lock, creak, creaky, terrace, balcony, timbre, echo, film, Foley, game, video, building, loud, quiet, fast, slow, hard, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, wardrobe, cabinet, domestic room, living room, gate, elevator, substance, texture, material, glass, solid, thick, thin, hollow, strong, steel, fiberglass, old, new, household, doorway, gateway, slide, window, squeak, heavy, creepy, insistent, anxious, angry, eerie, dungeon, thud, bid key, bump key, doorknob, latch.

Recorded with our favorite Sennheiser MKH 8040 and DPA 4060 stereo pair mics, in ORTF and AB.


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