About Campfire, Fireplace and Stove

From loopable fire, wood burning, fireplace and flames to bonfire, stove and campfire, this 96 kHz – 24bit collection has both organic Foley and sound design usability in stereo and mono format.

You will get lots of organic firewood crackles, sizzles, hisses, whooshes and campfire ambiences of the forest, sometimes with owls hooting, dogs barking and the crickets. Fire bursts and igniting with spray and flamethrower, matches, magneto lighters, closing and opening of metal lids are included too.

These 54 immersive sounds are windy, wild, fast or calm and peaceful and were recorded at different seasons, at night and day, indoors and outdoors and all fire burning sounds are loopable. You will get intuitive, detailed naming, UCS compatibility and the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail.

Fire, fireplace, stove, campfire, bonfire, flame, burn, burst, crackle, sizzle, hiss, gas, ignite, forest, night, day, indoor, outdoor, match, lighter, whoosh, air, brush, debris.


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