Green Witch’s Cauldron brings you the 450+ sounds of healing white magic and spells of a playful and sometimes wicked witch. It includes collecting and drying herbs, bubbling boiling potions, bottling, casting spells with elemental magic, and many more you can find in a cauldron. With this pack, you will have access to cat sounds, witch reactions, dried seeds, dried herbs, defensive spells, attacks, transfiguration spells, whooshes and transitions and elements.

Green Witch’s Cauldron Sound Effects Pack was recorded and designed exquisitely for all your magical needs and covers all sound effects needs for any white magic, potion-brewing, voices and subtle sounds of a witch’s life for the relevant projects and games that you are working on.

These meticulously recorded sounds have clarity and lots of room for further usage and sound design with the flexible texture of the sounds for further customization. With 24-bit/96kHz Wav format and easy to navigate naming, you can now set the bar higher for all your film, game, motion and video projects, advertisement, animation and all witchy projects.

What’s Inside

Medieval, town, ambience, fantastic magic magicka object, witch cauldron maddening opponent laughter mind air attack destruction burst element transition whoosh crackle wall braking hiss bubbling potion zinc bowl fireplace sizzling animal cat angry reaction eating food meowing attack basket dried seed plant falling shell braking boiling metal burning chained bush rustle stone glass chemical reaction glass lid bottle coin purse crumbling lavender palm wooden finger defensive shield destructive hanf dusting off sprinkles creature pass by roaring cork casting healing glittery spice earth vacuum pouring acid pebble leaves leaf shaking shiny tree branch squeezed shuffling stirring grinder waterbending laddle summoning teleporting time travel transfiguration imitating groaning laughing screaming wicked giggle eerie, game, film, movie, video.


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