It includes 400+ sound effects from a simple town’s parts such as; barn, field, grassland, tavern, blacksmith, carpenter, library, church, graveyard, mine, and many more a medieval town could offer.

With the Medieval Town SFX Pack you will have access to dressage sounds, kitchenware sounds, church bells, town ambiences, medieval mechanical devices, mining sounds, animals, tools, weapons and more.

These sounds are available in 24-bit/96kHz, were recorded delicately with DPA 4060s and Neumann KM184 pairs, have clarity and room for further sound design with the flexible texture of the sounds for customization. Recorded and designed delicately for all your historical needs.

What’s Inside

Medieval, town, ambience, object, church, bell, bird, animal, duck, food, drink, lake, horse, blacksmith, hammering, fire, tool, metal, nail, chest, materials wooden metal fire objects chest iron bell vegatation nail tools bench firewood coin opening action closing creaking hammering breathing dropping ringing shaping picking rolling breaking church bell sunny peaceful weather with and without animals lake fire castle locations barn blacksmith church lake campside animals actions birds chirping, flying ducks quaking cows mooing horse eating hay, from trainer’s hand, breathing, licking, chewing, bridle clicking perspective texture middle distant close very close heavy breaking pile ceramic tress rattling wallet heat blade shovel sand pebble doorbell saddle cart earthquake farrier book cough cloth cricket kitchen pottery lis frog mechanical winch copper lock rockaxe mining pourig sailing boat rooster footstep rope tavern treasure water light, game, movie, film, video.


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