Our new Typewriter sound effects pack comes with 102 files and 150+ sounds of the iconic Olivetti typewriter.

This SFX pack includes different speed and variations of typing, mechanical sounds, carriage slide and return as well as different types of switches and button sounds. The texture of the sounds is realistic and flexible for customization. It’s recorded organically with our favorite Neumann KM 184 stereo pair.

All sound files are in stereo 24bit/96 KHz Wav format, with easy to navigate naming.

Plus, you get the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail!

We hope these sounds are good fit for your new projects – historical or contemporary – and looking forward to seeing them go live!

Yours truly,

Vadi Sound Team

Keywords including Actions, Equipment, Parts and Style

Mechanical, Olivetti, Typewriter, Shift, Shiftlock, Mechanics, Key, Alarm, Carriage, Return, Click, Typing, Fast, One Key, Color, Short, Slow, Back, Small, Space, Platen Slide, Slider, Jamming, Ruler, Hitting, Bell, Paper, Rolling, Pin, Crackle, Pressing, Buttons, Lever, Color, Switch, Return Key, Interval, Letter, Knob, Body, Tab, Spacebar, Feed, Floor, Table, Hand, Shaking, Jamming, Triggering, Squeaking.


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