Cinematic Whooshes & Transitions features 294 unique audio files that will keep your audience on their toes! This SFX pack has carefully designed sounds of transitions and whooshes, including swipes, futuristic sci-fi sounds, tonal, pass by, power ups/ downs, movement, machine, and more.

You will get brand-new whooshes and transitions, from cinematic and magic to dark sci-fi and anime and movements and nature elements, swishes, flutters, destructive impacts in various speeds and intensity. 294 fresh sounds in 24bit-96kHz .WAV format with easy to navigate naming. And it comes with the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail.

Keywords including Genre, Texture, Style, Action, Mood

Whoosh, Cinematic, Trailer, Transition, Metal, Atmospheric, Noisy, Flyby, Bullet, Ricochet, Space, Spaceship, Pass-by, Texture, Saturated, Sci-fi Horror, Flame, Dark, Swoosh, Airy, Stop, Envelope, Power Down, Sub, Frequency, Base, Malfunction, Flow, Flutter, Scream, Vehicle, Motorcycle, Engine, Glitter, Sweep, Robot, Thunder, Crackle, Squeak, Debris, Chopper, Glitter, Abstract, Jet, Engine, Glitch, Siren, Laser, Drone, Fire, Slow, Low, Fast, Airy, Thick, Windy, Warm, Distorted, Liquid, Electric, Double, Glassy


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