Bringing the organic and designed, heavy, medium, and light yet subtle sounds of the rock family.

It has 251 sound files of rocks, brick impacts to movement and rumbling stone, gravel sounds in over 500+ stereo 24bit/96kHz .WAV files.

Pour, thud, fall, splash, break, put, pave, hit, drop, smash, drag, shake, rub, scrape your rocks, stones, pebbles and more on various materials and in different styles.

You will have access to materials of glass, metal, marble, concrete, tile and so on in hard, medium and slow actions.

There are many Foley sounds that you may need for all your projects. Some can be further suitable for use outside of the genre. Plus, you get the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail!

Keywords including Actions, Parts, Equipment and Style

Rock brick stone pebble destruction damage debris pour thud fall splash break put pave hit drop smash glass drag shake metal marble rub concrete scrape impact movement bounce bush plastic sheet single roll tile floor carpet ground bottle cliff shovel dirt grass hard single multiple medium small wood hammer water.






WAV – 24bit – 96kHz


156.9 MB


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