Bringing you 150 files and 450 sounds of coins in mono 24bit-96kHz .WAV, on many different surfaces and with a multitude of performances. Flipping, rolling, spilling, dropping, shaking, twisting and more on concrete, glass, wooden surfaces, and even water. They come in hard, soft, slow, medium pace, random, single, handful, in varied speeds, and different holders.

The texture of the sounds is clean, realistic, and flexible for customization. Plus, you get the easy to navigate naming and the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail! You can now set the bar higher for all your Foley needs, multi-genre, adventure or slot games, motion and video projects!

Keywords including Actions, Parts, Equipment and Style

Object Coins Bag Money Breaking Moneybox Surface Table Counting Dragging Single Multiple Extracting Taking Out, Flicking Passing Plastic Rolling Scattering Bucket Wooden Handful Denim Jean Pocket Box Dropping Throwing Spilling Glass Ceramic Laminate Wooden Metal Shaking Concrete Flipping Heads Toes Hitting Pouch Slow Medium Fast Water Sand Catching


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