Take a journey across the sky for 170 new space anime sound effects. Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.

About Space Anime SFX Pack

Following our popular Anime 1 & series, we take Anime into space. From interstellar space cowboys to cosmic motion and emotion, this is the collection of 170 sounds you need for high-art projects.

It includes more fantastic and psychological elements with a wide range of weapon, fight, robot, magic, transition, motion,as well as emotion, comedic and old school sounds.

We paid attention to the richness of layers in each sound, using powerful designed sounds. All are royalty-free and compatible with all DAWs, middleware and video editing software.

This is a must-have SFX pack that has sounds of numerous actions and emotions with easy to navigate naming. It is a thoroughly researched collection capturing the core of Space Anime and designed in collaboration with Anime fans. The sounds have high definition and lots of room for further sound design with their flexible texture. All soundsare in24bit/96khz WAV files.

Keywords including Actions, Parts, Equipment and Style

Anime, space, interstellar, Japan, Japanese, cosmic, comedic, bell, bubble, sparkle, chime, percussive, gong, metal, xylophone, pop, sweep, whistle, emotion, disappointment, disgust, happy, relieved, scared, surprised, suspect, upset, fight, block, hit, slap, slice, stab, magic, air spell, dark spell, earth spell, electric spell, fire spell, light spell, protection spell, water spell, motion, appear, blink, dodge, fly, jump, move, run, transform, turning, vanish, old school, arcade, comedic, danger, impact, pulse, riser, swoosh, transition, robot, attack, movement, transform, flashback, rewind, screen pass, time warp, weapon, explosion, gun shot, laser, melee, shockwave, impact, gun, design, game, animation, movie, film, video


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